Govinda Express – Songs of Joy and Silence

Sweet melodies melt with tender voices into one big ocean. It takes you on a musical journey inwards, where joy and silence reside.

Sanskrit mantras, world-musical arrangements and a dash of mischief that lets you smile, invites you to sing along and leads you into the quiet place within.

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Anugraha Fredi Früh
Guitars, Mandoline, Bass, Keyboard, Drum-programming, Horns- & Strings-arrangements, Backing Vocals

Veetkam Walter Strickler
Congas, Bongos, Djembe, Cajon, Udu, Framedrum, all small percussions, Lead & Backing Vocals

Sonja Morgenegg
Lead & Backing Vocals & Harmonies

KB Simon Krauer
Lead & Backing Vocals & Harmonies

Citra Krista Joonas
Bansuri, Backing Vocals, Mouthdrum