As a percussionist I support

Veetkam + Satyaa & PariManish Vyas
What a pleasure & privilege to join forces again after having had so many beautiful events in India 30 and more years ago.
So happy to groove together in dynamic & quiet moments.
Welcome in Switzerland, Manish!
Veetkam + Satyaa & PariSatyaa & Pari
Since 2004 I have regularly accompanied my friends in their concerts and events in Germany, Switzerland and Corfu. Their songs of devotion are full of heart and humour and are a refreshing mix of quiet, meditative vibrations and wild, ecstatic grooves. Chant events to remember….

Veetkam + Satyaa & PariSundaram
Since many years now we are teaming up on festivals and weekend tours.
I’m always touched how Sundaram manages to transform his events into a special and harmonious meeting of friends with his intensity, humour and musical skills!

gongLive Music for Celebrations
From my large musical network I can help you find a fitting musical act or group to support your party, marriage, festival or seminar.

Please contact me for more information via my contact page.

Past Band Projects

Singing BuddhasSinging Buddhas
Many years ago the ‘Singing Buddhas’ were born out of the sheer joy of singing together and then diving into silence. Mantras, spiritual songs and chants from different cultures and traditions, as well as Sufi dances and heart songs, together build the rich repertoire.

From the very beginning, this wonderful project with my French friends, Siddhartha & Kiya, has been in the flow of Life.
So much energy, love and skills came together from all sides – totally unexpected – just miraculous!
And in no time we were blessed with the birth of our first CD ‘Gurudeva’. www.satsongmusic

Govinda ExpressGovinda Express
It was a daring musical project.
We wanted to embed Madras in a world-music context with dynamic arrangements and sounds without loosing the spirit – but we wanted to groove more & expand our creative horizons.
Two beautiful CD’s were born.
Check it out:

I had the great honour to play with

Krishna Das

Snatam Kaur

Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur

Dave Stringer

Prem Joshua

Omer Gonen, Jai Jagadeesh

Dave Stringer

Prem Joshua

Dave Stringer, Prem Joshua

Sanna Pirita


Sanna Pirita, Wah!

Milarepa's One Sky Band

Michael Stillwater

Milarepa’s One Sky Band, Michael Stillwater