Drum Events in the Corporate World

Manager and Associate Trainings
vitalizing and dynamic

Experience yourself as an essential and supporting part of the team during a drum event. In a playful way you will find out more about team spirit, communication, service, leadership and, naturally, gain a whole lot of power and buzz.

The noisy, lively and physical participation in a drumming event is an ideal complement to the rather intellectual atmosphere of a meeting or conference.

Stress is released and constructive group processes are stimulated. A team spirit is instantaneously tangible. The joy of playing together, the power and presence it brings, supports the team building process in a creative way.

Naturally a drum event creates an energetic break that helps to free the mind and clear the way for new perspectives.

Fundamental team building elements being stimulated by a drum event:

  • Communication – Interaction: All participants establish contact with each other in a spontaneous and dynamic way in their musical search for the common pulse.
  • Cooperation – Teamwork: Creating music together requires listening to each other, staying centered, taking your own space as well as granting a free space for others. The result is more than the sum of the individual contributions.
  • Tolerance – Integration: Every participant is an equal part of the whole band. Different (drum) voices are experienced as an expansion.
  • Learning Playfully: Participants learn to be open for new challenges, to focus, to be persistent and to build towards a powerful conclusion. They can experience new creative ways to accomplish things in a stress-free, supportive environment and recharge their batteries with motivation, trust and fun.

 Team Development – inspiration for daily business

In the dynamics of a drum event resides an enormous potential to activate constructive processes in team development and make them very transparent. You experience issues like motivation, facing challenges, conflict management and team spirit from new, enlightening perspectives.

A drum event contributes a powerful, individual highlight to corporate events such as manager and associate trainings, conferences, meetings, marketing events or workshops.

Timing: as an opener, a finale or after a break – as Rhythmus Synergy Orchestra, Team- & Powerband – laughter, excitement and astonishment are guaranteed.

We can create a customized concept to suit your individual needs – for all types of corporate events, from a 20 minute relaxation break to rhythmical support during workshops lasting several days.


Dear Veetkam,
Thank you again for yesterday!
People are still using their bodies today for music!
I have heard multiple people doing this and I have also received comments from some who couldn’t attend how disappointed they are that they missed it!
Kind regards

Jill, Hoffmann-Roche

Thank you very much Veetkam for organising such a musical journey for us. We all really liked it a lot! It was funny how we all went through a similar journey from “not knowing what to expect”, being tense at the beginning and then letting go and enjoying 🙂
I liked how you led us through that experience, introducing to the musical world with respectful guidance, warmth and encouragement 🙂

Agnieszka, Teamleader, Netcentric

“… We are looking forward to this more than welcome change, but it will be even better.

What Veetkam and Kiya are able to create on a group dynamic level surpasses all expectations. Dynamic and sensitive at the same time, they lead us through the next 2 ½ hours. We play on djembes and bass drums, perform little rituals and discover an incredible team spirit and a feeling of community – let alone the sheer fun and pleasure it is to create music together. Forgotten are the small differences – we become one team. Everybody has his place independent of how loud or easy, dynamic or cautious they are playing. We feel the rhythm and swing with it. A fantastic unforgettable experience that gives us the feeling of pulling on the same rope.

In 2 ½ hours we discovered our common base which we could not have found in daylong discussions. Thanks Veetkam and Kiya …!”

Nadja Hochreutiner, COO Rest. Limmathof

“Team building is an essential element of leadership and employee engagement. Finding the right activity and timing is equally important. Veetkam’s hands-on approach to team drumming helped bring our managers together in a unique environment – all the while smiling. It was great to see individuals without much musical proficiency find their beat together with peers so quickly.”

Paul Oakley, communications leader at the Dow Chemical Company

A drum event can be an exotic surprise in your private parties and celebrations. We will ‘drum’ your guests together in such a playful and inspiring way that they will be talking about it for a very long time!