Govinda Express – One World Ticket

A golden thread of melodies and rhythms, from the Himalayan peaks to the beaches of Cuba, from the market place of Europe to the temples of India.

This is the ‘One World Ticket! Please have a first class seat in our Govinda Express’.

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Anugraha Fredi Früh
Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drum-programming, Horns- & Strings-arrangements, Backing Vocals

Veetkam Walter Strickler
Congas, Bongos, Udu, Framedrum, all small percussions, Lead Vocals (6, 7), Backing Vocals

Sonja Morgenegg
Leadvocals (2, 3, 4), Backing Vocals & Harmonies

Sandhya Sanjana
Leadvocals (1, 5)

Peter Makena
Leadvocals (2, 3)

Vedam Roché
Silverflute (2, 3), Keyboard (2, 7), Bass (7)

Bansuri Flute (1, 8 )